Saturday, March 24, 2012


as soon as my brother announced he was moving to france, i knew i wanted to visit him there.  we immediately applied for the girls' passports and renewed ours and i started dreaming.  of the food and the sights and all the photos i would take.  i imagined sneaking out by myself during nap time and taking lots of cool shots around the neighborhood.  i did manage to do this one day, but i'm slowly learning that when i'm out and about with two girls, i rarely have a hand free for holding a camera!  so i filled only one of the three memory cards i packed, but still captured some great memories.

on our first day, we walked from our apartment to cours saleya for the antiques market, continued on to castle hill, rode the elevator to the top where there was a fun playground for cora, climbed down the hill to the port, and met nick and gwen for a delicious lunch.  i had to try the warm goat cheese salad, my usual order at our local restaurant, bb's.  the nice restaurant's version had fried goat cheese croquettes that were crunchy and delicious.  earl ordered the four seasons pizza, complete with egg, two lunches in a row!

one of the best parts of the trip was where we stayed--in an apartment just behind the famous negresco hotel.  it was so convenient to have a kitchen and two bathrooms for the six of us (my parents went, too), and it was one block from the sea!  we ate dinner in almost every night, which was so relaxing after long days of sightseeing.  it was a few blocks away from nick and gwen's, so they could walk over to eat with us.  i think we'll try to find apartments like this when we travel from now on.  it sure beats a hotel room with small children!