Thursday, February 16, 2012

loves to paint

my cautious c was reluctant to touch things with new textures and refused to do messy activities when she was younger, but she's completely gotten over that now.  she turns every painting session into a hand printing exercise and usually winds up painting her face.  somehow, even with her huge smock, she still gets paint all over her clothes!  it's definitely her favorite indoor activity.


  1. stunning! and I'm sure the painting is beautiful too! ;) I need to follow your lead and break out the paint set. I'm inspired by your resolutions. Can't wait to see the results of your photoshop class!

  2. Here's how: Hollow out pumpkins (see tips below), then paint each one white, including stems. Use a grease pencil to draw three circles for the face, varying the shapes of the eyes and mouth on each to give the pumpkins personality. Carve out. Place a small votive inside pumpkins to illuminate. color changing paint


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