Friday, December 30, 2011

resolutions report

at the beginning of 2011, i decided to keep my resolutions simple and within reach, so i chose a few things that would be easy to do but would make a big difference.  one was making the bed every day, not something e and i previously paid much attention to if no one was coming over.  i've been doing it, almost every day, and it makes such a difference every time i walk in our bedroom to see that at least one room in the house is under control.

and my other success, which i'm tentatively proud of, is giving up my nail biting and picking.  this has been an official and unofficial resolution for many years, but when i saw c chewing a finger one day, i knew i had to get serious.  it's been about a month that i've left them alone, but i'm not sure how long it'll take to undo this decades-long bad habit.

for this year, my goals are:

  • to make homemade pizza every week or two, until we perfect the recipe and method
  • to eat outside on our deck at least once a week
  • to actively pursue my creative interests.  i've already registered for a photoshop class, so that's a start.  and the photo above is from a photoshoot i drug the family on.
  • to increase my core strength.  with two scary back injuries since n was born, i've realized how important these muscles are.
now that i've made these public, i have to stick to them!


  1. Wow, your kids are just georgeous! What a beautiful family! Great photo!

  2. Susan and I make homemade pizza about twice a month using a plain old pizza dough recipe that came with our old bread machine. Pretty basic... half whole wheat and half white flour, brown sugar; a bit of oil, salt (we cut back), and yeast. So simple its hard to believe that it is the best. After rolling out the dought we put it on a large metal pizza cooking plate (has a bunch of little holes), poke the pizza all over with a fork, and bake until it starts to brown. Take it out, put the fixin's on, and bake about 12 minutes more. Perfect every time.


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