Monday, November 28, 2011

the just-for-fun quilt

a year ago, when i was ordering the fabric for n's nursery, i knew i wanted to go with blues and greens, nevermind the fact that we were having a girl.  i'd already done the pink thing; back to the cool colors i love.  i settled on a few from the sanctuary line, and was still going back and forth on whether i had the time/will/energy to make a quilt for this baby like i did for c.  when i got the package, though, i immediately remembered the quilt i had made a while back, just for fun.

i was amazed at how the fabrics in that quilt blended so perfectly with the new ones destined for the nursery.  relief.  n's quilt was already made, just three years early.  i still plan to embroider it with her name, but for now it's a great play mat in her room, what's functioning now as a play space since she'll sleep in our room for a while longer.

and also for fun, i added a new banner i made using this quilt.  i love these colors!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

sock holders

for the first time in n's little life, we've had some weather that necessitated wearing socks.  but i had forgotten how impossible it is to keep socks on a crawling, grabbing, kicking baby!  so i whipped up some sock holders, using this pattern, which was clear and easy, even if a little fidgety to sew.  i love this japanese fabric that tiffany sent me.  thank you!  i thought i had turned the fabric to have the piggies face the same direction, but of course, one still came out upside down!  oh well.

she's modeling one here without socks, though, because we've returned to 80-degree days.  we're ready for the next cold snap--it's hard to believe it's time for thanksgiving when you're sweating!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

this girl...

went from just rolling to pushing up to all fours,

to doing down dog, to sitting in the last couple of weeks.  she is so strong and so determined.

not exactly crawling yet, but she can get anywhere she needs to go!

her new skill makes me excited to take photos for our christmas cards.