Sunday, October 30, 2011

this year's costumes

When I first started thinking about Halloween costumes this year, I knew C would LOVE to dress up as Ponyo, but soon after that thought, I realized that little N looks just like Ponyo, with her reddish hair and round face.  C approved, and when we we talked about options for her costume, characters from her other favorite movie (these are the only two movies she had ever seen), "Toys Movie" (Toy Story 3) kept coming up.  We settled on Woody and started putting the costumes together.

N's turned out to be so easy--items from her wardrobe plus C's beach pail.

And we picked up the pieces of the Woody costume at Target, the Dollar Store, and a consignment shop, and added a holster (a kids' toolbelt from Ikea that we already had) and a vest I made.  I think both costumes turned out cute, and C has already worn hers multiple times.  It'll be fun to use it for dress up after Halloween.

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