Sunday, October 2, 2011

a full weekend

 You know it was a good weekend when babies are asleep 30 minutes earlier than usual on Sunday night!

We spent yesterday at a farm in Hilliard, about an hour from our house.  Their big attraction is the corn maze, but there was so much for little ones to do.  Like race rubber duckies by pumping water down a trough,

And ride little tractors.  We took a ride behind a big tractor, too!

Chase dad through the corn,

And hang out in the cool barn.  The weather was very cool for early October, but it still got warm in the sun.

Look at the animals,

And choose a pumpkin.  We bought one and then completely forgot about it after our photo session.  I guess we'll be visiting another pumpkin patch this fall!

And to finish the weekend off, Naomi tried food for the first time.  Like Cora, it was avocado.  She kept taking bites and spitting them out.  I think her favorite part was just sitting at the table with us!

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