Monday, October 10, 2011

a favorite place

Another full weekend started off with a Friday afternoon mama get together, held in honor of the newest baby  in our group, a baby brother born a month ago.  Since my N currently wears a bib to catch the river of drool flowing from her mouth, I thought these might come in handy for baby A.

After our little celebration, we rushed home for dinner with friends/babysitters before taking off for for our first late night out in a long, long time.  We saw an awesome Death Cab for Cutie show at the Florida Theatre.  It's rare to get a band I love so much in Jacksonville.

On Saturday we visited one of my favorite places. 

Employees at E's company had free admission to the Cummer this weekend, so we took the girls to the interactive children's area, where C hugged all the sculptures, and then to the garden.

Our wedding reception was here.  It's such a special place.

It's great to see C enjoy it, too.

Until she starts climbing into the pond.

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  1. Everything looks a model in a professional magazine.


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