Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I've been wanting to experiment with blogger's new (to me) editor and its option to size photos XL, so I chose this one of Naomi, just a few days old.  She quickly grew out of those tiny diapers, which swallowed her as a newborn.  This time around, we're using prefolds and thirsties covers (a very affordable combination) until Cora hands down her set of bumGenuises.  Can't wait to have just one in diapers!

Friday, September 23, 2011

n's quilt

I was explaining to E's mom earlier today that I hadn't been taking photos of anything crafty, just the girls, and so I hadn't blogged either. And then, this afternoon, I looked over at Naomi on the floor and realized I could take a few baby photos that would include something handmade, too--the quilt E's mom made for Naomi.

It's an ocean scene made up of all different blues and aquas, tie die fabrics and batiks--really gorgeous.

It's quilted with tons of little sea creature designs--can you see the shell in the bottom right corner here?

And the turtle here?

It's perfect for Naomi's room, which is green and turquoise.

Oh, Naomi's room--still a lot of work left in there!