Sunday, August 21, 2011

c's room

while waiting for naomi to arrive, i enjoyed putting things together to make her room special. it's still very much a work in progress, but i figure since she's not sleeping there yet, there's no rush. much of the furniture is coming from cora's room, and so we've made some changes and additions since completing her nursery.

we've started the transition from crib to bed--she naps there sometimes, but has a hard time staying put without the walls of the crib. the bed belonged to earl's grandparents, so it's been in this house forever. it's perfect for a little girl's room, i think. since we'll no longer need a crib skirt, i repurposed the fabric to make cornices. i still love that fabric so much, and it kind of ties everything together, colorwise.

i bought this dresser without knobs so that i could add some fun ones.

and here's what has been taking place during my little photo shoot. usually naomi sits in that seat while cora serves her cake, but she was napping.


  1. LOVE how the room came together! can't wait to see how naomi's looks and to play with my little friends again. :)

  2. So cute! Can you believe how big our little ones are getting! Nice to see you've started blogging again. I need to get back at it too. Julie told me about a super cute mobile you've made... I hope to see it in a future post ;)


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