Saturday, May 8, 2010

partied out

After two parties in two weeks, even the decorations looked tired! We celebrated C's first birthday last week, and today we hosted our baby group (12 babies!) for a Mother's Day brunch.

Summer has officially arrived in Florida, and there is so much to do! Things like swimming, bike riding, walking! in the grass, eating ice cream, gardening and taking lots of photos have been filling our days, and there is much more to come. With all of this fun, blogging hasn't been a priority, and the break has been nice. I may be back once the weather cools off. We'll see.

Have a great one, and stay cool!


  1. happy birthday to c! and happy mother's day to you! i hear you on the no-blogging thing. when i have a spare moment, it is hardly on the top of my list. enjoy your hot days. winter has just left here so we are finally welcoming spring.

  2. Happy birthday to C! Doesn't a year just fly by? Love the pic you posted. I follow another photographer/mom's blog and this picture you took reminds me of some of her posts. Her name is Drew B and her blog is You should check it out if you have extra time. I think you would like it.

    Anyway, go enjoy that sunshine. Maybe I'll see you soon at Taratup!

  3. give that sweet birthday girl a squeeze for me! can't wait to see you guys in august!!


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