Thursday, April 1, 2010

outfit improvement

My friend Julie really has a knack for putting clothes together in a stylish way. I loved it when she told me about the "outfit game"--you know, when you go through your friend's closet and suggest pieces to wear together. Somehow, we've never done this, but I do always admire her clothes combinations at work. (And she really has gotten comments on student evaluations about her nice clothes!) She recently posted some very tangible fashion advice on her blog--the rule of threes--and it has helped me turn over a new leaf when getting dressed.

Since it's getting warmer, I decided to make a short sleeved layering piece. My mom picked up this 1/2 sleeve tee from Target for $2, and it was a little too small, so cutting it down the middle and adding a strip of cotton was a good solution. It was also quite long, so I shortened it and added the scraps as a ruffle. I'm halfway through making another of these in fuschia.

On a related note, Julie and I also just discovered academichic, and I love their style tips. There's a category called 'teaching outfits' that I need to check out. After reading about body shapes and belts, I've started wearing one, something I've always steered clear of since my waist is not so tiny. I'm having so much fun putting together old things in new ways--it feels like I have a new wardrobe!


  1. hey kayla:

    thanks for that link. i definitely need some inspiration since i have started teaching again and am required to look a little more polished.
    and i like what you did with the tee shirt. are you using an overlock or did you manage that with your fancy new machine?

  2. You do have a whole new wardrobe. We should definitely play the game; I'd love your ideas!!
    I'm excited to see how your pink one turns out!

  3. What a great refashion! Wish I was there to whip one up with you. We'll be checking in on baby Cora on flicker soon. :)


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