Tuesday, April 6, 2010

my dduk bok gi

For years now, I've been asking my Korean students to bring this dish to our end-of-semester potluck--and they usually do, and every time I ask how to make it, they assure me of how easy it is. Even though they've explained what goes into it, I still needed to find a recipe. That took some time--I didn't think to spell it with two d's.:)

So this is my version, without the fish cakes (tofu instead), and with "ovalettes" in place of the pinky finger size dduk (rice cakes). The sauce and veggies turned out perfectly spicy, but I think we might want to eat it with noodles next time (udon?) since the dduk were a little too different/chewy for E.

This is yet another perk of my job--being exposed to some underappreciated ethnic foods. And next week is this semester's party! Yum.


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