Monday, April 12, 2010

old shoes

I'm a girl who loves shoes. I like a lot of shoes, but sometimes I fall in love with a certain pair after I buy them, and I get really sentimental about them. Then, when they wear out, I just can't let go. It may seem silly to some (my husband!) to photograph and blog about old shoes, but I thought it would help me keep a part of them even though it's time for them to go.

Both of these pairs were bought while traveling, so attached to them are fond memories of those trips. I might even call this pair my favorite of all time. I bought them on a day trip to Kobe, one of my favorite cities in Japan. I saw them early in the day, and as we wandered around the city, I continued to think about them. We almost couldn't find the shop again, but I'm so glad we did. I wore them long after my pinky toe started poking out the side.

And when someone asked where I got these, I loved to answer, "in Singapore." It was another case of second thoughts--I left the store without them and then went back later. That's how I know I love a pair of shoes: I just can't get them out of my head. For a while, I had to pack back-up shoes every time I wore these because they kept breaking and I'd end up walking around school like I had a limp. This time, E says they're beyond repair.
indigo by clarks: brulee

And that 'can't get them out of my head' thing--that's how it is with my latest shoe purchase. They're last year's design, so I searched the internet (kind of obsessively) until I found them in my size. I love these almost as much as the two pairs I'm parting with.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

come with us

Up until a year ago, when C came into became my world, this blog was a record of my creative life, with some random thoughts thrown in. I rarely posted photos of me, and even fewer of E, I guess because I felt a little shy. Since my sweet girl's arrival, she has become my favorite photography subject, and I've included her in the blog quite a bit. But a few events have spoken to me recently, and I've decided to move the focus of the blog back toward current crafty endeavors. For those of you who enjoy keeping up with C and our little family, please add me as a contact on flickr, where I'll be posting family photos. I hope that even if we're just blog friends, you'll continue to follow us over there!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

my dduk bok gi

For years now, I've been asking my Korean students to bring this dish to our end-of-semester potluck--and they usually do, and every time I ask how to make it, they assure me of how easy it is. Even though they've explained what goes into it, I still needed to find a recipe. That took some time--I didn't think to spell it with two d's.:)

So this is my version, without the fish cakes (tofu instead), and with "ovalettes" in place of the pinky finger size dduk (rice cakes). The sauce and veggies turned out perfectly spicy, but I think we might want to eat it with noodles next time (udon?) since the dduk were a little too different/chewy for E.

This is yet another perk of my job--being exposed to some underappreciated ethnic foods. And next week is this semester's party! Yum.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

outfit improvement

My friend Julie really has a knack for putting clothes together in a stylish way. I loved it when she told me about the "outfit game"--you know, when you go through your friend's closet and suggest pieces to wear together. Somehow, we've never done this, but I do always admire her clothes combinations at work. (And she really has gotten comments on student evaluations about her nice clothes!) She recently posted some very tangible fashion advice on her blog--the rule of threes--and it has helped me turn over a new leaf when getting dressed.

Since it's getting warmer, I decided to make a short sleeved layering piece. My mom picked up this 1/2 sleeve tee from Target for $2, and it was a little too small, so cutting it down the middle and adding a strip of cotton was a good solution. It was also quite long, so I shortened it and added the scraps as a ruffle. I'm halfway through making another of these in fuschia.

On a related note, Julie and I also just discovered academichic, and I love their style tips. There's a category called 'teaching outfits' that I need to check out. After reading about body shapes and belts, I've started wearing one, something I've always steered clear of since my waist is not so tiny. I'm having so much fun putting together old things in new ways--it feels like I have a new wardrobe!