Thursday, March 25, 2010

patterning 2: what? didn't you see the liberty skirts?


Of course you knew I'd blog about more Liberty purchases from Target when I talked about adding pattern to my life. I think I've changed my mind about Liberty prints, or at least the ones they chose for the Target line. I love how bold and colorful they are.

before--I liked how the dress matched the azaleas!

So one of my purchases was this dress, which has now become a much more wearable skirt and bracelet. And we also got the matching baby dress.:)


  1. this is so brilliant. I loved the prints but all the dresses are unwearable for a nursing mother!

  2. oh, I almost got that baby dress, but at the last second decided on another one. The skirt/bracelet combo is awesome!! Great job!!

  3. much better as a skirt-- they should hire you!

  4. As a newbie sewer, you inspired me. My target just started marking down their LOL stuff, and I picked up the halter dress to convert as you have here.
    Any chances of a tutorial for the sewing challenged? Did you just trim the top, fold it over and hem in some elastic? Remove and re-sew it? Also it looks like you hemmed the bottom and thus the extra fabric. I think I can manage the bottom hemming, its the top that scares me.


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