Saturday, February 27, 2010

trying out kokopax

I've still been searching for the perfect carrier. Now that Cora's 20 lbs, she's really too heavy for long periods in a sling, the moby, and the baby bjorn. We've tried (and returned) so many carriers in this hunt for one that's comfortable for baby and both parents. My latest trial runs have been with the kokopax and the beco carriers. I had trouble finding any objective reviews of the kokopax when I was considering it, so I figured I'd share my thoughts here.

The kokopax is a frame carrier in great prints, which makes it look less like hiking gear than most other frame carriers. It's pretty comfortable once you get it on, but that's not easy if you're alone. We really wanted to like this one, but there were just too many things working against it: not washable, bulky when not in use, puts Cora at the perfect height for hair-pulling (not a problem for Dad!), and the difficulty lifting it and baby onto your back. Luckily, I was able to buy it with return insurance, so sending it back should be easy.

And, while not perfect, I think I have found a carrier that I really like. The beco is similar to the ergo, but with a better fit for E and me. It can be used as a front carrier and it's easy to slide a bigger baby around to wear on your back. It comes in nice prints, too. I feel like I can finally get things done around the house again--vacuuming, doing dishes, straightening up--and Cora's happy, too!


  1. We love the ergo and have been using it for a couple months. E hit 20lbs a while ago (and has stayed there, thank goodness!) i can put him on front or back, no problem. enjoy the becco!

  2. I love our Beco! It was actually a find by my husband - I thought I wanted an Ergo because my friends had one (lame, I know). Anyway, it has been excellent for us in every way from trips to the store to cross country traveling to hikes. I've used it continually since Chloe was born except at the very beginning when I used the Moby. I hope it is the right one for you, too!

  3. At least to got the great picture out of it!

  4. I love my Beco. I have yet to wear it on my back but I think it'll be great for cleaning the house. My guy is 20 lbs and this carrier has been my favorite.



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