Sunday, February 7, 2010

this girl

This girl is having some trouble sleeping. Her grandmothers are great at getting her to nap, but some days it takes me forever to get her to sleep. Maybe she just wants to stay awake to have more fun with her mama!:)

It seems to relax her when I sing 'Hush little baby', but after going through all the lines about 14 times, I get bored with the original words and start to change it up a little. Problem is, I'm no good at making up rhymes. So I stick with changes like 'Mama's gonna buy you a diamond sapphire ring/dog named Rover Clover.' I even looked up alternative lyrics, and found some that I might incorporate. Any other suggestions of rhyming lines that would be more interesting to sing? I need help!


  1. hey kayla:
    i know absolutely what you mean. and "mama's gonna to give" my not-yet-sleeping kids many random things that make absolutely no sense whatsoever. i have kid specific songs that i sing: "you are my sebastian" (replacing sunshine with sebastian), "oh nico" (replacing yoko with nico), and for colette... well, i sing "my girl" a lot and "build me up buttercup" (the latter only because i know all the words). so i would suggest finding a quiet song that you like and going from there.

  2. I don't have any kids of my own, but I was successful at getting my nieces and nephew to nap. I often made up sweet little songs about whatever they were looking at. Whether it be the books on the shelf, my earrings, necklace, the crack in the ceiling, etc... Babies don't really care what you are saying as long as you say it in that "it's time to sleep" tone! good luck!

  3. i sing to jamal, and he likes when i make up a song about how much i love him or how sweet he is. he forgives fudges in meter, but it has to rhyme. how about investing in/cracking open the old rhyming dictionary?

  4. First of all, ADORABLE picture of Cora! Love the white balance of it.

    Second, I totally hear you on Hush Little Baby. The song that I always sing to my kids is Baby Mine. I had first heard it on the movie Beaches, but it was originally on Dumbo. I didn't know it was from Dumbo until I had kids and watched the movie. I love that song! Really, I just love any lullaby.


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