Tuesday, February 23, 2010


lots of things are making me happy right now:

This tv series, on DVD. As wonderful as the books, filmed beautifully, and with lots of memorable lines that keep getting repeated around our house. I love Grace Makutsi!

These photos of Cora and her friends. One of the group photos even made the local news!

A new camera, with an old lens. I'm having so much fun playing around with depth of field!

Pioneer Woman Photography assignments. I loved the bokeh and sunset photos, and I was even brave enough to submit a shot of Kobe in the current dog portrait contest.

New running shoes and our jogging stroller, although I neither run nor jog.

And lots of time with friends and my sweet, sweet girl.

What are you enjoying these days?


  1. love your bokeh! did you get the d90?

    i'm loving spring these days - my roses and daffodils especially.

    i'm also enjoying cooking dinner every night; my new year's resolution has lasted into the end of february - shocking!

  2. i also love seeing the corvette onesie with an adorable baby girl in it!


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