Monday, February 15, 2010

kitchen nightmare (and delights)

So after a Valentines Day kitchen disaster (think cutting board colliding with head, giant bottle of olive oil shattering on counter), I'm looking up a bunch of recipes that were torn out of magazines and stored in our recipe notebook (which soaked up some of that oil). A couple of the oil-sopped recipes have become recent favorites, so I thought I'd share. Until a few weeks ago, both of these had been waiting in the stack of "recipes to try" forever. One is from Cooking Light, October, 2000--I mean, did I even cook back then?

We have a tradition of making cheese fondue for Valentines Day, but since Cora and I are on a low-dairy diet, we made sweet and spicy peanut fondue with tofu and pineapple cubes and blanched broccoli, carrots and green beans. It was too salty the first time we made it, so we cut back the soy sauce and hoisin sauce a bit from the original recipe. The photo above is today's lunch of leftovers--yum.

For a quick lunch, I've been enjoying creamy tortilla soup. I think I would call this avocado soup instead because that's what makes it creamy. As much as I love avocado, I had never eaten it warm, but this is tasty and satisfying, and it's easily halved for a smaller portion. E and I laughed at the recipe's suggestion to save time by using corn chips instead of making your own tortilla chips. Of course! I'm actually glad that I had to search for this recipe because I have several recipes that came from the same book, and I think I'll get Quick-fix Vegetarian from the library again now that I know the title.

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  1. Happy little accidents as Bob Ross, Michelle and now I would say.
    I admire your creativity among your other talents. :)


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