Saturday, January 23, 2010


Since the weather got cool, we've probably been eating soup about once a week, which means we go through a lot of vegetable stock. I try to buy the cartons and cans when they go on sale, but that's not often. It's one of those time-saving pre-made ingredients that just makes such a difference in flavor. But I had been thinking about whether there might be an easy homemade alternative. The thing holding me back from making my own stock was the idea of storing it. Our second freezer is already full of can-size portions of beans cooked in the crock pot, and stock takes up even more room.

So I was happy to find this timely recipe for homemade bouillon at 101 Cookbooks. I've used it once so far, and I think it's a great substitute for all that store-bought broth. Oh, and I only used about 2 tbs of salt rather than the large amount in the recipe, so I can season each dish individually.


  1. What a coincidence! I just made vegetable stock today. Here's what I do to make it easy. Any time I am chopping of veggies in the kitchen that could go in to stock (carrots, garlic, onions, fennel, etc.) I save the peelings, ends, outside parts, etc. and add them to a bag in the freezer. Once the bag is quite full, I put it into a big pot of water, adding some herbs, peppers, bay leaves if I have the time. Then boil, simmer, strain. And freeze the stock in clean plastic reused yogurt containers for future use. tg

  2. Good idea! I currently use a vegetable soup base product named "better than bouillon." It's easy to use, but you have the advantage of feeling good about how it's made and what it's made of. In fact, the stuff in my fridge contains hydrolized soy protein, gasp! Don't tell my Mr.!
    I have given up on making my own stock altogether--I still have bags of chicken carcasses and good intentions in the freezer. (when was the last time I cooked a chicken? exactly.) Maybe homemade bouillon is more do-able, since it doesn't require cooking time. I'll add it to my I-should-do list.

  3. genius.
    a good way to make my diet a little more vegetarian, too.


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