Sunday, January 31, 2010

she's got teeth...

...and she knows how to use them. Not for chewing food, but her crib! Yeah, two teeth, and we're already missing paint in multiple places on the crib.

Here's a closer look. Good thing we had it tested for lead! Alicia had the same issue a while back and came up with a great-looking and functional fix. I'm so glad she's just 8 months ahead of me in this adventure!

She's so excited to be jumping on her mattress in these photos, her tongue doing crazy stunts as usual, but little does she know, those rails are being fitted with covers to prevent her from snacking on them. They've now been sewn and installed.

And did you notice that she's modeling her Corvette onesie? It's super cute with her pink flames babylegs!


  1. you're right, the onesie and babylegs are a perfect match!

    we had the winter panzanella last night and we all LOVED it!! thanks for sharing the delicious recipe


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