Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm finally asian

One of the highlights of the holidays each year is visiting with one of my favorite people, my friend Aubrie, who lives in Chicago. This year was especially fun because we invited some other friends over so that Aub's husband could practice his Japanese. It was such an interesting combination of people, and we shared lots of laughs.

Rewind about 13 years (whoa!): One day in high school, my Spanish teacher had been charged with conducting a mini-census and asked students to raise their hands when he called out their ethnicity. I was sitting with my friends, and when the teacher got to 'asian' and they all raised their hands (they really were asian), I did, too. From that time on, we laughed about how I had become an 'honorary asian'. I continued to earn the title in college when I roomed with three of those asian friends from high school. We ate lots of rice during those two years--I think we had four rice cookers in the apartment at one point!

And that's the story behind this doll that Aubrie gave me from my kokeshi. When I saw it, I immediately said, "That's me!" (But what I was really thinking was, "Hey, those are my eyebrows!") And can you see the inscription? It says, "For Kayla: Honorary Asian."


  1. I love it! It's so cute and it looks just like you!

  2. oh. my. gosh. I want it.

    Whenever I tell people I was born in Japan they tilt their heads to the side, squint their eyes a bit, then slowly nod and say, "oh, I can see that now" when I'm irish/german and just happened to have been born when my parents were living in Japan. Julie gets it too. We NEED these!! So cool.

    And you make a stunning honorary asian. :)

  3. you can be asian with me. just don't you dare bring "stinky fish" for lunch.

  4. what a great story! The doll is cute too!


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