Wednesday, December 9, 2009

reading material

As much as I enjoy discovering a new-to-me blog to read, I truly love reading material that I can put my hands on, carry from room to room, and fall asleep reading. I'm always searching for good reading to get from the library in the form of novels, but not too long ago, I thought to check my library's catalog for all the new crafty books I had been eyeing on amazon. I was surprised to find that many of the titles were available, so I requested them through the library's website and, when they were available, I checked them out.

I was delighted to find that the patterns were still taped inside Weekend Sewing! This book is gorgeous, and I love the fabrics chosen for all the projects. So far I've made a pair of pajama pants and this makeup bag. I'm not crazy about the way the bag is constructed (exposed seams inside), but I love the shape, and it's definitely time to replace the clinique gift-with-purchase bag!

I was also able to borrow Stitched in Time, Handmade Home and The Creative Family. And waiting at the library for me now is Sewing Green. I'm so happy that I've been able to enjoy these books without having to purchase them!

On one of my first OB visits last fall, I picked up a copy of Wondertime in my doctor's waiting room. I fell in love with the magazine and its style, but tried to subscribe and realized it was no longer being published. None of the other parenting magazines really fit what I was looking for until I found kiwi. Have you seen it? It's fairly new (I think) and focuses on natural living and parenting. I also have an online subscription to mothering (thank you, Tiffany!) which is in line with my approach to parenting.

And I have found some great reading in the form of blogs lately, too. And, although I can't read them in bed, I do take the inspiration I find with me each night, and even wake up sometimes thinking of my next crafty project. New favorites are: matsutake: she is so funny and has lots of ingenuity! This post really had E and me laughing. so you think you're crafty: I love the dance show, so of course this weekly elimination competition is right up my alley. And some girls wander by mistake: makes me want my own signature style!


  1. how lucky that your library has all those sewing books! i love the colours of your new make up bag.

  2. you should add a makeup bag to your etsy shop!

  3. Love the bag (and the interior fabric - I recognize it in the form of a bird belly hanging above Afton)! I'm so glad you told me about your idea to check out craft & photography books from the library; I've gone through quite a list that way. Now excuse me, I need to see if the Maricopa County library system carries a copy of Weekend Sewing...


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