Thursday, December 31, 2009

mama made something else

You know I mentioned the doll--the one mama-made gift--I was planning to make Cora for Christmas...well, it still hasn't happened, but I did sew something to go with the gift Santa brought her. This drawstring bag is my contribution. But wait. What's inside?

Blocks! I think I love these more than she does at this point. They're Uncle Goose lowercase wood blocks. I do love lowercase, and the font is pretty similar to my favorite, trebuchet. And since it's the lowercase set, they have baby animals on one side. They also have 'foreign abc blocks' like Chinese, French and Arabic.

The doll is still sitting in pieces waiting to be stitched up. Maybe it'll be a New Year's gift!

Happy New Year!


  1. Oh, that's adorable. I love simple toys for babies, and that drawstring bag is perfect for storage!

  2. Pretty cute. I love the baby animals on the side!

    I think my blocks were one of my favorite toys growing up.

  3. How awesome! I almost got these blocks too but like you, I was thinking more for myself at this point ;) And what a great bag! I thought about making one but didn't know what I'd use it for, thanks for the idea :) And sorry to hear you had the same experience with those Amy Butler PJ pants! What a pain, wasn't it? I wish I know how to make pants using her existing pants as patterns...


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