Friday, December 4, 2009

christmas gifts

We got out of school early this year. That means, as of today, I'm off for 5 weeks! But even more exciting, Cora is finished with daycare! We've come up with some new arrangements for next semester, and I think we'll all be happier. So today I delivered these Christmas gifts to her caregivers and my co-workers.

These were really economical to make in bulk, and all the supplies and ingredients worked out perfectly to make a dozen, so there aren't a bunch of leftovers from this project.

Here's what I used (based on a few recipes I found online and a bit of taste-testing):
4 c dry milk
1.5 c sugar
1 c cocoa
1 c creamer
.5 c ovaltine
Mix and divide into 12 portions. I used 8 oz mason jars and filled them about 3/4 full. Add chocolate chips and mini marshmallows to top. The labels are from paper source. I love chartreuse!


  1. Five weeks?? I'm sure you'll soak up every second with Cora. Nothing like baby's first Christmas. :)

  2. I just drank one very delicious mug of cocoa and used it all!
    Thank you!!

  3. Those are so cute Kayla! I wanted to make jar gifts for my neighbors but I don't even know where to look for jars. Could you point me in the right direction.


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