Thursday, November 19, 2009


When I was putting together our Halloween costumes, I didn't want to buy anything that wouldn't get used again. E's pith helmet will become his yard work hat, my stripes were just elasticized 'belts' of ribbon worn over a black t-shirt, and Cora's black onesie could be re-used since I just basted on her stripes and wings.

I had planned on appliqueing the front of the onesie (seen here with matching butterfly canvas), but when I removed the ribbon, I found a couple of spots where the wings had pulled holes in the back. I thought some butterfly wings would look cute on the back and would be a great way to save it. It was, by far, the hardest shape I've appliqued, but I like the straight stitch around the edge, and the natural fraying will cover any wonkiness.

Another happy accident. It made me think: Why aren't more baby clothes decorated on the back? With it being solid black, though, I'm wondering if it still needs a little something on the front.


  1. i love it. you're getting good at rescuing cora's stuff. maybe the perfect "kayla" touch would be some bias tape on the sleeves like the maternity shirt you did.

  2. That really brightens it up - it's so pretty!

  3. Maybe a little caterpillar or a tiny chrysalis hanging from a branch on the front?

  4. I love how you put the yellow design in the middle of the butterfly! Very cute!


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