Sunday, November 1, 2009

the latest buzz

For the first time ever, I got started on Halloween costumes early enough this year. And it was a good thing since I had 3 to put together. Sadly, a nasty stomach bug prevented us from going anywhere fun in them. I did take Cora to see my parents and today we stopped by E's parents so that Cora could show them her costume.

I loved reading the guesses about our costumes. Curious George is a great idea. And Clue characters--funny because E was Colonel Mustard last year! Alicia was the closest, though. E is not in his full beekeeper attire, but you get the idea. I think we (E and me) might use these again next year!


  1. cora is the sweetest bee I've ever seen! afton was a bee last year, but more of an ANGRY bee... love the costumes!

  2. The three of you are so adorable!!!

  3. I found your website for the first time today and I was surprised when I saw the bag with the big tag saying Cora, since that's my name and I don't usually encounter anybody else named like that. Your baby looks adorable btw! best, Cora


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