Thursday, October 15, 2009


..that I finally finished these pants a few days ago, so Cora's legs will stay warm (if it ever gets cooler this year).
..for a pediatrician we love. They got us in on such short notice this morning, and the doctor gave me some tips for making my girl more comfortable while she's congested.
..for a willing and available substitute to teach my class (on even shorter notice!) while I stay home with my sick girl.
..for my mom, who will take the best care of Cora tomorrow when I return to work.
Having a sick baby is stressful enough. I'm so thankful that I could take a day just to hold her and let her finally get some sleep.


  1. those pants are fantastic. i just recently made my first pair of pajama pants for both of the boys and i was surprised it had taken me so long to do so. i don't know why pants scared me but they did. i hope cora gets well soon. congestion is really scary. take care. xoxo

  2. darn - I'm sad Cora's not feeling well. but the pants turned out lovely, and I LOVE the tag!

  3. Yes, nothing like just holding your littles while sick. Best medicine.

    And the pants are darling. Love the detail of the tag. So cute.

  4. Hope Cora feels better soon - the pants should cheer her up! Have a good day at work tomorrow.

  5. "...if it ever gets cooler this year..." So your the one who called on this chilly weather. :)

    Sorry Cora's sick. Hope she gets well soon. We really would like to have you over one day!

    Your pants look great! What a smart idea on how to use your spoonflower material!


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