Tuesday, October 27, 2009

the potato chip exchange

A while back, my friend Tiffany blogged about the American foods she craved and the expense of getting them in Japan. When I sent her a bag of Cape Cod salt and vinegar chips, I didn't know yet that her craving might have something to do with being pregnant! She responded by sending me some snacks, including a bag of her favorite Japanese potato chips--with soy sauce flavoring. They are so good, and unlike the salt and vinegar chips, E and I both enjoyed them. (He wheezes dramatically in the presence of vinegar, and then I roll my eyes.) They reminded us of the flavored fries we used to eat at First Kitchen in Japan. Our favorite was consomme flavor, even though I'm pretty sure that's something I wouldn't eat if I learned what it is.

Also in the package was a stack of Japanese fabric. I love how heavy these fabrics are, almost like canvas. I can't wait to use these for some Cora projects. I have lots of ideas in my head, and I'm itching to get some more time on the sewing machine!


  1. I love the prints! A wise dog driving a bus that says "enfants" - that's something I'll never be able to find! Can't wait to see how you'll use them.

  2. I got some fabric very similar to that in Japan and made a little Kimono-esque dress for Clover. The weight is beautiful, isn't it? It's heavy enough for her to wear during the colder months of Florida. Can't wait to see what you come up with!


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