Sunday, October 18, 2009

droolia gulia

Cora has been a drooling machine lately! Some (my mom, the pediatrician) have speculated that her first tooth might be just around the corner (no! not my baby), but I'm attributing it to her cold and the fact that her mouth is always open. Either way, all this drool means her shirt is always soaking wet. With the air getting cooler, my mom had a great idea--bibs. That way, we can easily change it when it gets damp, instead of changing her outfit. Yesterday, we rotated 3 bibs, but that wasn't enough to keep up with my baby faucet. So I set out to make a few more.

This is the first, with a fall pear on one side, and a leaf on the other. Can you see there's already a drool spot on the brown side? That happened during the fitting!

I think I'll make a few more of these cotton ones, but I'm also eager to try some like these with vinyl ironed on. They'll work nicely when Cora starts eating table food. Teeth and table food--didn't I just have a newborn?


  1. I wish I made my kids cute things! I have the intentions to but haven't finished anything yet (still working on Marcus' quilt). Love your bib! ... the leaf and pear... Fabulous!

  2. um, kayla, as much as i would like to say it is just because of the cold, i think i agree with your mom and doc on this one. get ready for wet fronts for a duration. seems like just yesterday sebastian was soaking through onesies and bibs. not to scare you. :) cora's lucky to be able to sport such stylish bibs.

  3. I love it! I can't wait to have a drooling problem, need a baby first though.

  4. Love the bibs, but my vote is for the tooth. sorry!


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