Sunday, September 13, 2009

tiny frustrating pants

I'm still around--just started back to work, and things are busy!

I'm in need of some sewing sympathy. Remember the tiny pants I made for Cora a while back? My idea in making those was that she'd wear a uniform of a onesie + pants to daycare everyday. Comfortable for playing and covered enough for napping, I figured. Well, she needed a few more pairs to make a week's worth of 'school clothes', so I started 2 pairs last weekend. I decided to use the pj pants pattern from Little Stitches for Little Ones since I wanted to make a bigger size (she's already outgrowing the first pair!). I debated, but settled on cutting out the 9-12 month size and planned to roll them up for a while.

The first bit of frustration was self-inflicted, which I can handle. When you're sewing assembly-line-style, and you make a mistake (like sewing the legs to each other!), you make it over and over. So seams had to be ripped, over and over.

Of course I then had some trouble with my machine, but that's also somewhat caused by me since I've refused to upgrade to a newer one.

But what finally pushed me over the edge was the fit, now that they're almost done. Even after letting out all the seams, these barely fit over my girl's cloth diapered bum! I guess I'll finish them, and even if they don't work now, they might be cute as jams once she's out of diapers! Uggh.


  1. I have made two shirts for my boy... the one was too small before I could even finish. The big, cloth bum is hard to factor and the fast growth, impossible.

  2. When A was 8 months old I decided to make her a pair of the sandi henderson ruffle pants, size 12-18 months. They never fit. :( Bum too big.


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