Thursday, September 17, 2009

so nice

When I first discovered the world of craft blogs a few years ago, one thing that really surprised me was how kind everyone was to each other. Up until then, I had concluded that when people have the chance to be anonymous (like when driving or surfing the internet), they tend to be less polite, even rude. Lately, I've had a few interactions that have reminded me how great it is to connect with like-minded people online, and how helpful craft bloggers can be.

I ran across Ayumi's blog, Pink Penguin, and loved the unique look she had given her site. I love her aesthetic, both online and in the crafty things she makes. I emailed her, and she was so sweet to reply with information on how she's created her look--with digital scrapbooking tools, which was an exciting new thing for me. I played around and learned so much about photoshop. Thanks, Ayumi!

Julie and Alicia led me to My Sparkle, a new-to-me blog with a post on co-sleeping that I really appreciated. I looked around Danielle's blog and saw a t-shirt project that I really want to try, but what caught my attention most was her photography, especially of her daughter. Once again, I emailed Danielle, and she gave me some great tips that I'm using when I take and edit photos of Cora. Thank you, Danielle!

At first, I only read blogs, too shy to comment. One day, a post on a bag at Soulemama struck me, and I left my first comment. Now I'm brave enough to email anyone:), and I am so glad to be a part of this open and sharing community!


  1. right on schedule!
    i think this will inspire me to comment on some of the blogs i'm stalking.

  2. hi kayla:
    if it wasn't for our blogs, we might not have met. funny, isn't it? i am actually turning off the comments on my blog to see what that does for my posting and for my stalkers (my family mostly). i miss communicating in email (strange to say) and regular mail. speaking of which... i'm shipping something out to you tomorrow... so look for it. hope you are enjoying your days back at work and with your lovely girl. take care.

  3. Nice post :)

    And beautiful photo.

  4. Wonderful photo and thanks for sharing the links. Hope you're doing well. : )

  5. I agree! And your daughter, photos, and that quilt look beautiful!!


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