Saturday, September 26, 2009

sewing and shooting

Lately, I have just been devouring anything I can read on photography. I so want to improve my skills, and have been having fun practicing what I've read about when I take photos of my girl and play around in photoshop. I think having a baby and wanting to document her childhood is what inspires a lot of people to learn more about the subject. My only problem with taking all these photos is that we have tons of Cora and her dad, and even more of just Cora, but very few of me and the girl. E is a little hesitant to use my camera. I'm excited, though, because we had professional photos taken last weekend. Meghan Stewart is a friend and colleague of Naomi's, and she takes gorgeous photos. Maybe I can learn a little something from her!

Thank you for the kind words on Cora's quilt. I'm still struggling with those pants, though. Ripping and moving the seams was the project I took to a sewing party last week at Katy's house. Hopefully I'll get some time to finish them up when E is watching football this weekend!


  1. let's see some kayla and cora pics!! e has a nice camera strap to use, so he shouldn't be scared!

  2. I must admit I was hoping there would be a reference to guns here. It would be a nice contrast: sewing and shooting.


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