Monday, August 10, 2009

yeah, another carrier!

I posted a while back about the slings I made for E and me, saying that I liked them but wasn’t sold on their comfort. Little did I know, that was the most comfortable they’d ever be--since babies only get heavier! Actually, I learned to love my sling, and it is has been my go-to carrier for these first 15 weeks. I use it all the time at home, and Cora has been to friends’ houses, restaurants, store, and even a museum in it. I felt so much more comfortable with taking her as a tiny baby in public when she was on me in the sling, rather than in a stroller where she seemed more susceptible to strangers’ sneezes.

I really enjoy wearing her, so I’ve added yet another carrier to our collection. This is the mei tai from the Sew Liberated pattern, which I highly recommend. Since my brain is so full right now, it was nice to have clear instructions and a pattern to follow, although there are plenty of websites out there that explain how to sew a mei tai.

I used a home decor weight fabric from Ikea for the main panel, and black duck cloth for everything else. The finished product is pretty heavy duty, and my machine could feel it! I liked how Meg's instructions produced such a finished, professional look.

I haven’t worn it for a long period yet, but so far it seems pretty comfortable for both me and baby. Anything is better than all 14 pounds hanging from one shoulder, right?

And yes, I really need to have those bangs trimmed.


  1. That looks very cuddly and comfortable considering that you are carrying 14 pounds! Enjoy your new carrier.

  2. What a great carrier! Great job!

  3. Aww, sweetness! It really is a great little pattern. :)

  4. I bought that pattern to make for my sister, and now I have two to make! Yours looks great!

  5. Wow Kayla, You are too good! That's so cute! I've never heard of a mei tai before but now I want to make one! Is it hard to put Cora in and tie it all up? Yeay, for your new carrier and your double shoulder support! Awesome job!


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