Thursday, August 27, 2009

two for one

My friend Julie and I met when we taught a class together a couple of years ago. We had lots to talk about--Project Runway, the sale rack at Anthropologie, and plenty of other fun stuff. (Now we make a point of separating ourselves so we're not tempted to talk when we should be working!) Last summer, we sewed a bird mobile for her twin sister's new baby, and that led to a long distance friendship with Alicia, who lives in Arizona. I am so lucky to know these two fun girls.

So the reason I'm sharing this is because Julie just came back from an Arizona trip and brought these cute onesies that she and Alicia freezer paper stenciled. They did such a great job (I never had much luck with this 'easy' craft), and they chose the most personal images--Do you recognize our pup Kobe from the nursery art and my banner? And the corvette--the official car of E's family and part of the reason behind Cora's name. (She's lucky her middle name isn't Yvette.)

And since I have nothing crafty of my own to share these days, I thought I'd show you these and a few photos of my babes. Our big girl will be wearing these 18 month onesies before long!


  1. I'm glad you like them! They're cute, but as soon as Cora's big enough to wear them no one will even notice them; they'll all be too distracted by those gorgeous eyes, beautiful lips and her sweet face! What a doll!!

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  3. i'm excited for fall! i know you'll be running back to day care at the end of the day, but at least i'll get break time out of you again and maybe even a carpool!

    (sad and appropriate that kobe looks like he's in prison!)

  4. hi kayla,
    i just had such a nice catch-up here- such gorgeous pics of your babe! she has gotten so big! and i love that last photo of her so much. hope you are having a wonderful weekend kayla.

  5. What a beautiful little girl-got to be with your mom and dad and aunt and uncle and had a blast. Glad to find your blog and will be keeping up with you and dad helped me put your blog on my favorite list and you are a favorite of mine.

    Love Cousin Robert


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