Sunday, August 9, 2009

showing off

Being an ESL teacher has some unique perks. In addition to getting to teach the most amazing students, I can travel to just about any part of the world and have someone to show me around (and I have!). The students also bring some pretty cool gifts from all of these different places. But the baby gifts! Wow. First the jimbei from my Japanese student, and now...

My former co-worker/friend recently moved to France with her husband, who is French. They visited the states a few weeks ago, and brought this very cute fabric book to Cora. Each page has a part attached with a string or elastic, or something else to make it interactive. I love this book, but I can't speak French. Our friends gave us some pronunciation lessons, since I was trying to pronounce the words according to Spanish rules (wrong!). Now when E reads it to Cora, he says he just channels Amelie in his head, and he sounds pretty good! Well, it's only 3 pages.

Next, my lovely former student who has brought me fabric from Thailand in the past, has been so excited about Cora's arrival. When she returned from Thailand this summer, she brought this sweet shirred linen dress. I love this color on my girl. Now you see what prompted my shirring attempts!

And finally, I taught a very special group of students (I always think that about every group, actually) in the spring, and one student in particular really impressed me with her progress. She is also very kind with her classmates--and me! Last week, I took Cora to school to say hello and goodbye to all the students who are going home. This sweet student of mine ran out as I was leaving and gave me this dress for Cora. It has the most detailed hand applique, typical of the indigenous people of Colombia. I can't wait until Cora can wear this dress! And until then, I think it needs to go on display somewhere.

Each of these gifts is so 'me', and I know Cora will love them, too.


  1. How sweet, little C! She will grow up in a very small world while reading her French book in her Colombian dress.

  2. You have very sweet friends and students. Cora is going to be a global citizen for sure!

  3. what lovely, thoughtful gifts! wish there was an etsy baby boutique with just such an assortment...

  4. that is something that i miss about working at the ELP. teaching tefl has its benefits (living abroad, better living wage) but tesl has the appeal of the world coming to you at home. cora is one lucky gal.

  5. I love, love, and love this post, Kayla! I used to be a ESL student a long time ago and remember how influential and motivational my ESL teachers were to me. I am sure you're such a great teacher.


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