Saturday, August 29, 2009

from photoshop to fabric

designs uploaded to spoonflower when they had free swatch day last week

my free swatches

I have lots of ideas for this fabric. I think I'm going to need more!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

two for one

My friend Julie and I met when we taught a class together a couple of years ago. We had lots to talk about--Project Runway, the sale rack at Anthropologie, and plenty of other fun stuff. (Now we make a point of separating ourselves so we're not tempted to talk when we should be working!) Last summer, we sewed a bird mobile for her twin sister's new baby, and that led to a long distance friendship with Alicia, who lives in Arizona. I am so lucky to know these two fun girls.

So the reason I'm sharing this is because Julie just came back from an Arizona trip and brought these cute onesies that she and Alicia freezer paper stenciled. They did such a great job (I never had much luck with this 'easy' craft), and they chose the most personal images--Do you recognize our pup Kobe from the nursery art and my banner? And the corvette--the official car of E's family and part of the reason behind Cora's name. (She's lucky her middle name isn't Yvette.)

And since I have nothing crafty of my own to share these days, I thought I'd show you these and a few photos of my babes. Our big girl will be wearing these 18 month onesies before long!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

layer cake

This cake is sooo sweet, too sweet. I had been craving layer cake for a few weeks (one of those food network challenges got me), so I finally just made one. Boxed cake mix, homemade butter cream frosting.

I've had two slices, and I think that was enough to satisfy the craving and cause a sugar headache. Now, there's an [almost] whole cake sitting in the fridge. Dangerous.

Monday, August 10, 2009

yeah, another carrier!

I posted a while back about the slings I made for E and me, saying that I liked them but wasn’t sold on their comfort. Little did I know, that was the most comfortable they’d ever be--since babies only get heavier! Actually, I learned to love my sling, and it is has been my go-to carrier for these first 15 weeks. I use it all the time at home, and Cora has been to friends’ houses, restaurants, store, and even a museum in it. I felt so much more comfortable with taking her as a tiny baby in public when she was on me in the sling, rather than in a stroller where she seemed more susceptible to strangers’ sneezes.

I really enjoy wearing her, so I’ve added yet another carrier to our collection. This is the mei tai from the Sew Liberated pattern, which I highly recommend. Since my brain is so full right now, it was nice to have clear instructions and a pattern to follow, although there are plenty of websites out there that explain how to sew a mei tai.

I used a home decor weight fabric from Ikea for the main panel, and black duck cloth for everything else. The finished product is pretty heavy duty, and my machine could feel it! I liked how Meg's instructions produced such a finished, professional look.

I haven’t worn it for a long period yet, but so far it seems pretty comfortable for both me and baby. Anything is better than all 14 pounds hanging from one shoulder, right?

And yes, I really need to have those bangs trimmed.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

showing off

Being an ESL teacher has some unique perks. In addition to getting to teach the most amazing students, I can travel to just about any part of the world and have someone to show me around (and I have!). The students also bring some pretty cool gifts from all of these different places. But the baby gifts! Wow. First the jimbei from my Japanese student, and now...

My former co-worker/friend recently moved to France with her husband, who is French. They visited the states a few weeks ago, and brought this very cute fabric book to Cora. Each page has a part attached with a string or elastic, or something else to make it interactive. I love this book, but I can't speak French. Our friends gave us some pronunciation lessons, since I was trying to pronounce the words according to Spanish rules (wrong!). Now when E reads it to Cora, he says he just channels Amelie in his head, and he sounds pretty good! Well, it's only 3 pages.

Next, my lovely former student who has brought me fabric from Thailand in the past, has been so excited about Cora's arrival. When she returned from Thailand this summer, she brought this sweet shirred linen dress. I love this color on my girl. Now you see what prompted my shirring attempts!

And finally, I taught a very special group of students (I always think that about every group, actually) in the spring, and one student in particular really impressed me with her progress. She is also very kind with her classmates--and me! Last week, I took Cora to school to say hello and goodbye to all the students who are going home. This sweet student of mine ran out as I was leaving and gave me this dress for Cora. It has the most detailed hand applique, typical of the indigenous people of Colombia. I can't wait until Cora can wear this dress! And until then, I think it needs to go on display somewhere.

Each of these gifts is so 'me', and I know Cora will love them, too.