Monday, July 27, 2009

experiment in shirring

I've been messing around a little with elastic thread lately, and made a quick little muslin jumper before committing to the fabric I really want to use. When it turned out too short for this very long baby, E said, "Add a stripe." You see, even my husband has learned the design-flaw-turned-design-feature trick! I didn't intend for this prototype to get worn, but I kind of like it. And it's definitely nice and cool for our hot Florida summer.

Thank you, Alicia, for the elastic thread coaching! Blasting the shirred area with steam was what it needed to shrink up and get all ruffly. So satisfying.


  1. lovely photo! so adorable! i think i'm going to try elastic thread on a project soon.

  2. so, so, so adorable! (and the frock is cute too!) I really love the stripe. Now I guess I need to try out my elastic thread...


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