Tuesday, June 16, 2009

tiny fast pants and grandmom's garden

Unfortunately, my model was less than happy about having her photo taken in these, her new pants that match her room. My dad said they look like camouflage pants, and I guess they do. I'll be making lots more of these because they're so easy and quick--just 2 legs cut, sewn down the middle, then sewn down the inseam. Hem them and add the casing and elastic at the waist, and you're done.

I haven't said much here about where my gardening inspiration comes from, but it's all my grandmother. She's an amazing lady, who tends an unbelievable garden up the hill from her house in Athens, GA. My cousin Naomi recently photographed and wrote about my grandmom's set up here. I hope one day I have half the growing success she does. Thanks, Naomi, for documenting it!

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