Sunday, June 14, 2009

it would have been prettier

..if I had had enough berries to make the full recipe. ..if I'd had more than one old, dried out, frozen pie crust. ..if I'd remembered to take the photo before I ate a slice. But it doesn't matter how it looked, it was so satisfying anyway. I just thirded everything (like halved, but 1/3) in my go-to recipe since I picked just 2 cups of berries off our bushes, and baked it in a small corningware dish.

I went to the grocery store today and was almost tempted to see if blueberries were on sale so I could make a full pie, but I really wanted to use just the home grown berries. Plus, I'm trying to use more of what we have on hand. It makes sense because our pantry and freezer are overflowing, and, after reading this challenge and this result on mommycoddle, I know I don't need to buy so much food every week. With just milk, eggs, cereal and produce, today's grocery bill was just half what I usually spend, and I think we have more than enough to get through the week! I'll just have to be a little more creative.

Oh, and I gave up on installing typepad connect. Troubleshooting html code is just way beyond my trial-and-error ability!


  1. It still looks very delicious!

  2. Yes, looks artistically just messy enough! I'll accept the challenge for tonight. What are you making for dinner?


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