Monday, June 1, 2009

and one for dad

E finally got his sling yesterday. Since Cora isn't sleeping as much anymore, it took a little longer for me to finish this one, but it works to calm her down just like mine. It's just a few inches longer to fit his torso.

He really likes this tattoo-style dragon fabric, and is already asking what else I could use it for. Any ideas? It's always tough to sew for guys.


  1. so cute!
    as for suggestions... clueless. i just asked noah and he said "suspenders" or "shorts."
    i think he's serious.

  2. suspenders??! Ah, noah! I've seen cool iPod cases, the clear, hard ones (that are at the $1 store), lined with fabric. Super simple and won't use a lot, but he'd get to look at it every day.
    And that picture of sweet baby Cora is soooo darling! Clearly she loves her sling - and her dad!!

  3. What about a bowling style shirt where the dragon fabric was the strips down the front? That way it wouldn't be too much dragon. It is awesome fabric.


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