Monday, May 18, 2009

wearing baby

Somehow, I was able to squeeze in enough sewing time to make this pouch-style sling last week. Cora had a nice long nap, and really, this project was fairly quick and easy. I've always pictured myself as a baby wearer, so I looked into which carrier styles might work for us, and found the pouch to be the best fit for a newborn. We also have the ring sling sewn by a friend, and a baby bjorn, both of which we plan to use when Cora's a bit older.

I loosely followed this tutorial, but mostly constructed the pouch based on looking at a hotsling. Right now, I'm bolstering Cora with a folded hand towel so she doesn't get lost in the bottom of all the fabric.

E and I found this fabric when Joann had their calicos on sale. He has an equally cool Japanese inspired fabric (with dragons!) waiting to be made into a pouch his size. That's the one drawback of this style--they're not adjustable so it must be made/purchased in the wearer's size.

So far, I don't think it's super comfortable because the weight isn't evenly distributed, but it does the trick when Cora's fussy and I need to get things done. I think it'll also be handy when I don't want to use a stroller. If you know someone who's having a baby, this would be a great gift!


  1. i didn't like the pouch sling with sebastian but nico got heavier quicker so somehow it made it easier to use. with sebastian, i felt like i was throwing him in the bottom of my purse or something. we use the ergo baby and i am not usually one for product recommendation, but this thing has been with us for five years and we are still trucking. we have walked all over the place with it for hours at a time without either kid or parent breaking down. extremely comfortable. obviously, best for older babies but still, a great investment. we bought it right before we left for tokyo so many years ago.

  2. Cute! I made a wrap using the exact same fabrics, the asian print was a decorative square in the middle. I have 2 wraps and 2 pocket slings and my son and I (and hubs) really prefer the wraps for exactly the reason you mentioned... the slings get my back all out of whack, but the wraps evenly distribute all of the weight. Have you seen a Moby wrap? Super stretchy and comfy.


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