Wednesday, May 6, 2009

she's here!

Meet Cora Mae. Born April 28 at 5:15 am. She's perfect!


  1. Congrats! She's beautiful.


  2. Ohh! She's so beautiful! Congratulations... you guys will be wonderful parents!

  3. Congratulations! I'm so happy for you three... She's perfect. Welcome to the world, Cora!

  4. Many congratulations!
    She's gorgeous. Very pretty name too. We hope you are all doing well. Jason said she looks just like you.
    Best Wishes,

  5. Welcome, little girl!

    *nice blog! :-)*

  6. Oh Kayla, what wonderful news!Congratulations to you both and welcome to the world Cora. She is so beautiful! Wishing you lots of joy and love at this amazing time(and a bit of sleep here and there, fingers crossed).

  7. Wonderful!!
    Congratulations. :D

  8. I found your blog through another craft blog, and wanted to say congratulations! She's beautiful. I have a Lucy Mae, and actually loved the name Cora too, but it got vetoed by Daddy =)

    I wanted to say that if you like babywearing, and making things, you can make all kinds of baby carriers. I think it would be particularly easy to make Moby style wraps and mei tais. My daughter LOVED the Moby when she was always put her to sleep and was easier on our backs than the one shoulder slings. I think has a make your own section on the forum. Your pouch slings are adorable! Cora is such a lucky and chic baby!

  9. Wow, she's 13 pounds already?? Good job growing that baby, mama!

    Yeah, maybe the Moby won't be very comfortable if Cora's a heavy one. Lucy is 16 pounds now, and the Moby is starting to get less and less comfy. I ended up making a similar wrap out of cotton gauze, using the Moby as a template. It's cooler for summer, and since it doesn't stretch it's more supportive (and more comfortable now that Lucy's a chunk a lunk). Lucy seems to like it just as much as the Moby...I think it's that tummy to tummy-ness that she loves so much.

    Oh, and your nursery is precious! I saved the photos in my inspiration folder ;-)

  10. congratulation. She is soooo pretty


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