Wednesday, May 20, 2009

quilt for kobe

The week before Cora's arrival, I worked my last few days, caught an awful cold, and had my last ultrasound and last OB appointment. At that appointment, I found out that I needed to have this baby soon or else (the doctor was threatening induction), so I came home from the appointment with a sense of urgency to sew Kobe's mat (finally!). It was his last chance to have my free time so focused on him. Priorities in our house would soon change!

I knew that I wanted to avoid being induced, so I was convinced that she would arrive before that had to happen. My mom called it 'being optimistic', but I was right! She arrived a week early. And I'm so glad I had finished this project for my first baby:)

Kobe seems to like this new mat much better than the old upholstery fabric one. He's picky about textures, and, like me, seems to prefer cotton over synthetic fabrics. See-- it even tastes good!

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  1. What a lucky pup! We're also anticipating our first baby, and we're told that we need to "demote" our first-born (our corgi Bryson) so he won't be jealous when the baby comes. Maybe I'll try to sew him something to appease him (it wouldn't be anything as nice as yours though) :)


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