Sunday, April 19, 2009

the reality of it

Maybe it's the nesting instinct that comes with the end of pregnancy, or maybe it's the realization of how soon my May 5 due date will be here, but I'm feeling an urgency to have the house clean. Really clean. Kobe's old bedding was so dingy, even after being washed, that I finally got a new futon cover for where he spends his time. I'm also finishing the patchwork project I started for him a year and a half ago(!) so that he'll have one more washable layer under him. He has some stinky feet!

I've got just 2 days left of work, and then what? That's what I've been asking myself. Today I looked way back at some blog posts before I started working full-time, and I hope the next two weeks will be a little more like that time: full of creativity and productivity, and spending time with this little guy. Because I know that as soon as our new addition arrives, I'm in for true full-time work!

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  1. Good luck and enjoy that last bit of freedom. :)


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