Thursday, April 23, 2009

finishing touches

The nursery is finally ready for baby D! E and I put on the finishing touches today, and I can't wait to welcome her. Surprisingly, I was able to get everything done in time (well, except the quilt--but that's a sewing machine/patience issue that I'm just not willing to face right now!). This little bird pillow was my way of getting some linen and the Amy Butler coriander fabric into the room. We took photos of the room today, so I'll be back soon to give a 'tour'!

I was so impressed by the attention to detail in this little guy's room at sew liberated. She's going to be such a thoughtful mom.

I'm holding my breath for tomorrow's doctor appointment. I can't wait to hear the 39th week forecast!


  1. hey kayla:
    i was just looking at meg's photostream too and overwhelmed by her dedication to the montessori way.
    good luck with the doctor's appointment. i went to 42 weeks with nico so... here's hoping your little girl will be more punctual. take care.

  2. How exciting! I can't wait to see the tour!! : D

  3. Hello! First time to visit your blog. I love it!..and congrats, it looks like you will be having a little one soon. Love te Amy Butler prints, she will be a lucky little girl. :)


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