Thursday, April 23, 2009

finishing touches

The nursery is finally ready for baby D! E and I put on the finishing touches today, and I can't wait to welcome her. Surprisingly, I was able to get everything done in time (well, except the quilt--but that's a sewing machine/patience issue that I'm just not willing to face right now!). This little bird pillow was my way of getting some linen and the Amy Butler coriander fabric into the room. We took photos of the room today, so I'll be back soon to give a 'tour'!

I was so impressed by the attention to detail in this little guy's room at sew liberated. She's going to be such a thoughtful mom.

I'm holding my breath for tomorrow's doctor appointment. I can't wait to hear the 39th week forecast!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

*the* quilt

So, here it is--the quilt that E's mom made for the baby. She really took our style into consideration--I love the colors, the Japanese fabrics, the patchwork, and the quilting.

Some of it is free motion quilted around the fabric's pattern--see the leaves?

And in other places you can pick out machine-embroidered butterflies.

There is just so much detail to take in. Thank you. We love it, and know baby D will, too!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

the reality of it

Maybe it's the nesting instinct that comes with the end of pregnancy, or maybe it's the realization of how soon my May 5 due date will be here, but I'm feeling an urgency to have the house clean. Really clean. Kobe's old bedding was so dingy, even after being washed, that I finally got a new futon cover for where he spends his time. I'm also finishing the patchwork project I started for him a year and a half ago(!) so that he'll have one more washable layer under him. He has some stinky feet!

I've got just 2 days left of work, and then what? That's what I've been asking myself. Today I looked way back at some blog posts before I started working full-time, and I hope the next two weeks will be a little more like that time: full of creativity and productivity, and spending time with this little guy. Because I know that as soon as our new addition arrives, I'm in for true full-time work!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


At my baby shower Saturday, I was blown away by the handmade gifts I received. I am really so blessed to have friends and family willing to take the time to make something so special for the baby.

Julie, whose work has made an appearance here before, hosted the shower, and sewed these very sweet burp cloths. She had been at my house a few weeks earlier and was checking out the colors in the baby's room, but I had no idea she had something up her sleeve.

She must have also reported the pink and green theme to our co-worker Irene, who sewed this maya wrap sling. I am so excited because I had this on my list of things to make before the baby gets here. I can't wait to use it!

E's mom decorated her packages with several pairs of these tiny booties. Aren't they great? I hope I can put them on the baby long enough to get a photo!

My mom bought these knitted booties from caramel diezel on etsy. The colors are delicious!

We also received a gorgeous quilt from E's mom, but it deserves a post of its own!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

photo shoot

I was going back through some recent photos to print for my pregnancy/baby book, and was surprised at how well our amateur photo shoot on the beach turned out. E and I had a little babymoon a few weeks ago at a nearby hotel. It was so relaxing. I had planned to try to get some shots of my belly on the beach, but it was very windy and proved to be quite a challenge with the tripod, timer, and running back and forth to the camera. Luckily, that's not so obvious in the photos. So this was me at almost 35 weeks.

And then this was last weekend with my new hair style, after a Pantene Beautiful Lengths donation. I'm so excited about my summer cut!