Sunday, March 29, 2009

feeling loved

The past few days have left me feeling really grateful. My boss and coworkers organized a special baby shower for me and my students on Friday. She bought a bookcase and each student brought a book for the baby. I had told her that E alternates between Goodnight Moon and The Cat in the Hat when he reads to my belly each night. Now we have a whole shelf full of choices. It was really neat to see what each student chose.

One of many fun games (baby shower games work really well with students learning English!) was for students to suggest a name for a letter of the alphabet. It was interesting to see which English names they've heard and like, and also get some Arabic (Feruza, Genan), Japanese (Tomo), and Spanish (Ximena) ideas as well! We thought one of the Korean students was suggesting "Laura" or "Lara", but no, he wanted "Lala"!

E and I finally got our beach weekend (postponed because of weather) which meant lots of relaxing and good food, and even a pregnancy massage! And zappos upgraded me to overnight shipping on a recent shoe purchase, so I got my new sandals in time for our getaway. Very cool.


  1. I vote for Lala Queenie. :)
    What a terrific gift! You are much loved. Hope you are enjoying your last days!


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