Friday, February 13, 2009

in bloom

Well, the Valentines project the other day at school turned out the same as usual. I think I'm beginning to realize that when your materials are construction paper, stickers, and doilies, your finished project is always gonna look like a kindergartner made it! I guess I'll still give my card to E--it's still better than buying one.

Walking into this room everyday (that's where my clothes closet is) brings a huge smile to my face. The crib makes it feel so real. I'm really happy with how the tree on the wall turned out. As much as I loved the calming blue, the pink dots reminds me more of my original inspiration--the plum blossoms on the tree we used to have out back.

This time of year makes me feel so at peace. The azaleas are on the verge of blooming, there are cherry blossoms everywhere, and I check almost everyday to see how close we are to Japanese magnolias on the trees we planted last year. Today I'm enjoying a much-needed day off (my own personal presidents day observation since we have class Monday:)), trying not to do too much--just yoga and lunch with my mom and a few errands. And then I still have the weekend ahead of me! I hope you have a restful weekend, too!

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