Monday, January 12, 2009

What I Did on My Winter Vacation

Green is such a calming color for me. You can see I gravitate toward it with almost every color decision I make!

Some thank you cards for baby gifts we received. I still love the sewing on paper look!

And a little bit of knitting: this is a reusable swiffer cover (pattern here) I knit out of the same yarn as my scarf. I know I made some mistakes in following the directions, but I figured this is more of a functional piece. And yes, it does a great job of picking up dog hair. (Don't look too closely or you might be able to tell I tried it out before taking the photo!)

I actually did a lot more over the break, but the camera didn't come along. E and I made a trip to Ikea when we went to Orlando to see the Lakers play the Magic, we went to the beach, we washed all 18 windows in our house, pulled weeds, went to Whole Foods half a dozen times and just spent a lot of time together. It was everything we usually don't have time for, so it was perfect!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful break - happy to read you had a nice time. : )


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