Sunday, January 4, 2009

greens and pinks

(I first wrote this post last week, and it's finally making it up here.)

After lots of indecision, the fabrics have been bought and washed, the list of projects is now on paper, and I'm ready to start some sewing for the baby room. What? I have to go back to work tomorrow? Sounds like my weekends for the next few months will be spent in the sewing room!

I fell in love with Joel Dewberry's sparrows print, but had trouble finding the right combination of pinks and greens that doesn't come across as too girly. When I saw this quilt on flickr, I knew I was on the right track to the look I wanted. I've never been such a perfectionist about a sewing project. I guess I think this one's pretty important!

So on the list of projects:
crib skirt
rocking chair cushion
stool covers
and a quilt, of course!

p.s.- I'm having a girl!


  1. so, you're having a girl? or are you just super open-minded about genders and colors? good luck with your projects. i am in the same boat, three weeks of brain storming and now i am ready to start but it is back to work i go.

  2. Yay a girl! Baby girls are wonderful. I love that fabric stack.


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